As International Education is now the crucial direction for each university and college's development, it is one of the features of MCU. This Internationalization Research Center aims to integrate the resources of IC for joint accumulation of research capacity. The researchers are usually scattered in their respective specializations among the six different fields that comprise IC programs, but a common feature is their engagement in international education. Moreover, many of their research studies are related to international education or empirical studies that are conducted within IC. Therefore, this Research Center gathers the research capacity of IC for the first time, so that faculty in different fields can identify common points of research, discuss international education, pursue research innovation with group strength, and cooperate with government agencies or organizations in industry and education. Through this, IC aims to integrate resources and achieve continuous innovation and development in international education and cooperation.

Established in 2000, Ming Chuan University International College is the foundation of this Research Center, as the first college in Taiwan wherein all instruction is in English. IC currently has six different programs, which include:

International Business and Trade Program
Journalism and Mass Communication Program
Fashion and Innovation Management Program
Travel and Tourism Program
Information Technology Management Program
International Affairs and Diplomacy Program
Because of the unique environment and combination of diverse programs, this Research Center will conduct a wide scope of research and cooperation, and will continuously pursue innovation, in order to achieve the goal of constant progress and development.

As the expectation for this Research Center is to broadly and deeply support cross-field developments and cooperation, the goals for it are as follows:

Providing a quality research environment and encouraging long-term faculty involvement to accumulate research capacity.
Considering IC as the base for conducting a variety of academic research studies.
Utilizing all available resources to develop cooperation with public and private institutions and to provide professional services.
Focusing on the importance of international education, innovation, and cooperation as the main thrust of research.
Students are guided to participate in international competitions in line with MCU's education policy of equal emphasis on theory and application and to comprehensively demonstrate the features of IC.